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Trek Fanfiction

Boldly Go

Star Trek Fanfiction
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Boldly Go!

Welcome to trek_fanfiction, the best place for Star Trek based fanfiction on LJ.

Boldly Go

To start off, here are some nitty gritty details. You all pretty much know the routine.


1. Any fanfiction set in the Star Trek universe is acceptable, utilizing anything from the movies, tv series, animated series, novels and comics. Alternate Universe (AU) fanfiction is also ok.

2. Slash is ok, but again, specify this in the post heading

3. There's no need to post disclaimers except for the following reasons:

-it contains graphic sexuality
-it contains gory, explicit violence. "Worf shot the Gorn in the shoulder with his phaser." is not gory nor is it explicit so it's all good.

4. No flames. Constructive criticism only.

5. Crossover fanfiction involving other fandoms is acceptable (Though if you have the Death Star destroy the Enterprise, expect an angry mob)

6. Yes, Enterprise is Star Trek. Deal with it.

7. Have fun!

Boldly Go


-When posting a new story, include the title, the era (discussed below) the ship (if applicable) and a brief synopsis.

**Era refers to a rough time frame that helps the readers place the story in context. (ie. DS9 - Pre-Dominion War or Excelsior - Post Khitomer Accord. Any of the books are also fair game ie. Titan etc.)**

-All stories need to either be under an LJ cut or linked to.

-Please use spell check. I'm not asking for Shakespeare (not even in the original Klingon), but a coherent, readable story is always a good thing.

-Script format stories are perfectly fine.

-You can make up your own ship, crew and assignment too, if you'd like. Just make sure it fits into the Star Trek universe.

-Explore strange new worlds and seek out new civilizations.

-Boldly go where no one has gone before!! (I'm sorry, I had to)